This Is How Real People, Not Politicians, Respond to Susan G. Komen

The political class could learn a lot from Linda.

Linda gathered the facts about her disease (without a spin doctor “massaging” them a littleĀ first), evaluated them objectively (unconcerned about how well her decision would poll) and then took difficult, appropriate action (without the approval of party leadership).

Linda wasn’t distracted by irrelevant issues.

Think about how much better off we’d be if the political class and their political processes were valued in proportion to their worth.

Based on current function, American politics is worth more for its cheeky comedy and completely avoidable tragedies than its policy. It’s a charade.

In tonight’s episode: the skinny brown guy argues once again with the sad-faced orange guy while the orange guy’s weasel side-kick pulls dastardly tricks on both of them. Same shit, different day. Give me a break.

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