The Hard Truth – As Told By Chris Hedges

This piece originally appeared on, Jan. 23, 2012. (Blockquotes and images are my addition).

Thank You for Standing Up

By Chris Hedges
I spent Friday morning sitting on a wooden bench in a fourth-floor courtroom in the New York Criminal Court in Manhattan. I was waiting to be sentenced for “disturbing the peace” and “refusing to obey a lawful order” during an Occupy demonstration in front of Goldman Sachs in November.

Those sentenced before me constituted the usual fare of the court. They were poor people of color accused of mostly petty crimes—drug possession, thefts, shoplifting, trespassing because they were homeless and needed a place to sleep, inappropriate touching, grand larceny and violation of probation. They were escorted out of a backroom by a police officer, stood meekly before the judge with their hands cuffed behind them, were hastily defended by a lawyer clutching a few folders, and were sentenced. Ten days in jail. Sixty days in jail. Six months in jail. A steady stream of convictions. My sentence, by comparison, was slight. I was given an ACD, or  “adjournment in contemplation of dismissal,” which means that if I am not arrested in the next six months my case is dismissed. If I am arrested during this period of informal probation the old charge will be added to the new one before I am sentenced.

The country’s most egregious criminals, the ones who had stripped some of those being sentenced of their homes, their right to a decent education and health care, their jobs, their dignity and their hope, those wallowing in tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, those who had gamed the system to enrich themselves at our expense, were doing the dirty business of speculation in the tall office towers a few blocks away. They were making money. A few of these wealthy plutocrats were with the president, who was in New York that day to attend four fundraisers that took in an estimated $3 million. For $15,000 you could have joined Barack Obama at Daniel, an exclusive Upper East Side restaurant. For $35,000 you could have been at a gathering hosted by movie director Spike Lee. Most of those sentenced in that courtroom do not make that much in a year. It was a good day in New York for Barack Obama. It was a bad day for us. Continue reading

Finally, A Sane Republican

Mick Cornett, Republican Mayor of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, spoke with National Public Radio Jan. 19 about the great success that OKC is having in the midst of an otherwise dismal situation among most other US cities.

He cites self-imposed and limited tax increases, infrastructure investment, ensuring that adequate services are available and that amenities beyond the basics are addressed.

These investments are what create the quality of life that is driving OKC’s ability to attract creative, entrepreneurial people to their city.

Mick Cornett may be the only Republican alive today that understands that investment in our future is not only necessary, it is desirable.

Listen for yourself.