Here’s Why Debt Reduction Negotiation Won’t Work

Politicians just don’t tell the truth. They claim that budget deficits will destroy us and yet constantly fail to make any meaningful reductions. Why?

It’s because they know that the whole Capitalist system requires ever increasing debt to survive and that we’re now at a point where no country can ever pay its debt. Ever.

To better understand the real problem, imagine that 1 dollar is the equivalent of travelling backward in time for 1 second.

That means that 60 dollars would represent going back in time 1 minute. Accordingly, 1 hour ago would equal 3,600 dollars. You get the idea.

That means 1 million dollars would take you back 12 days. That’s still pretty easy to imagine.

One billion dollars, however,  is equal to 31,000 years ago. Whoa! That’s a surprise. It’s MUCH larger than it sounds.

So what must 1 trillion dollars look like?

One trillion dollars would take you back to 30,000 B.C.  The oldest known cave paintings are about that old.

What’s truly shocking is that our current deficit is around 16 trillion dollars, which is like going back in time to 420,000 B.C.

Considering that Man didn’t start using tools until around 200,000 B.C., you can see that this is now an un-imaginable sum. That’s why we’ll never fix it. The hole is so deep and the system is so dependent on it getting deeper that no human will ever see sovereign debt eliminated nor meaningfully reduced.

So why do politicians keep demanding that we cut spending? It’s simple:

All governments are now owned by corporations and these corporations make more money when there’s less competition. Functioning government programs are essentially providing services that could be better raped if they were privatized. Cutting government spending is an efficient way to drive them out of business.

It’s a matter of pure greed. Medicare, for example, operates with only a 3% administrative cost. Private health insurers operate at closer to 30%. That’s a ten-fold increase in profits to some large corporation if Medicare can be privatized.

It’s all about the money. It’s always about the money. Corporations and their Republican puppets just can’t ever seem to get enough of it.

That’s why they wan’t to reign in the deficit. It’s certainly not because they’re concerned that somebody else won’t get paid.

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