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What a surprise! Paid-off government officials around the world are once again crafting laws that are presumably designed to help their corporate crony buddies at the expense of everyone else. That, of course, is reason enough to start a revolution but there’s more to it than that.

ACTA, if allowed to pass, will essentially become another tool to be used against the free exchange of information between people of all nations and political affiliations. It will make SOPA and PIPA seem like mere distractions.

Who would want to do such a thing?

Governments. Political leaders and their monied puppetmasters know that we can’t outspend them in a propaganda war (television) but that we can discredit them and their outdated modes of thinking by sharing the truth broadly and with tremendous speed, agility and imagination with the help of the Internet and other “connected” devices.

To those in power, this is unacceptable and they will do whatever they can to stop new, emergent thinking.

If we act quickly and┬ádecisively now, we can shut down their evil plot – at least until they come up with yet another plan.

Sign the petition to stop ACTA by clicking here.

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