Every Republican Needs to See This

This video is “must-see” viewing for anyone who still believes that they are a Republican.

Why, you ask? It’s because it does such a fine job of demonstrating just how far the Republican agenda has strayed from all that is good and natural about the human experience.

While not explicitly stated, these kids seem to know that caring for one another, sharing and justice are all the right things about which  to be concerned.

Nowhere in the clip do you get the sense that the number one goal is to fuck the other out of as much as possible to satisfy their own self-absorbed interests. There is also no sense that the success involves depriving the other of any shot at “wealth.”

Maybe if a few Republicans really study this they’ll start to understand why they appear to be self-serving, greedy bastards hell-bent on destroying all that is good simply so that they can win some sort of sick, dick-wagging competition at the expense of humanity and ultimately, the entire planet.

Fucking sickos…

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