Elizabeth Warren Should Be Our President

Part 1 of John Stewart’s interview with Elizabeth Warren:

Part 2 of John Stewart’s interview with Elizabeth Warren:

If, after her inauguration, we could clone Elizabeth 535 times and then replace all of Congress with her rational voice we wouldn’t need the revolution that the current crop of corporate lackeys are setting in motion by ignoring We the People.

(Apologies to Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson, Marcy Kaptur, Sherrod Brown and a small handful of other responsible legislators. The foul stench of the others is getting on you by entering the bowels of the Congressional chamber. Eeeeew!)

The 100th Monkey

This video is based on the documentary film by Michael Ruppert called Collapse and it lays out the fundamental problems that our species and societies now face.

The good news is that we’re still able to make better choices. The bad news is that based on historical patterns of behavior, we may not make those choices.

Grim and gritty, this presentation is not for the weak of heart.

Finally, A Sane Republican

Mick Cornett, Republican Mayor of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, spoke with National Public Radio Jan. 19 about the great success that OKC is having in the midst of an otherwise dismal situation among most other US cities.

He cites self-imposed and limited tax increases, infrastructure investment, ensuring that adequate services are available and that amenities beyond the basics are addressed.

These investments are what create the quality of life that is driving OKC’s ability to attract creative, entrepreneurial people to their city.

Mick Cornett may be the only Republican alive today that understands that investment in our future is not only necessary, it is desirable.

Listen for yourself.

Occupy Wall Street Editorial

I support the Occupy Wall Street movement. This movement is not only our right but our responsibility as citizens, which is something that has not been exercised effectively since I was a young man in the 1960’s. It should have started sooner.

The reason I’m writing this post is that something fishy is going on behind the scenes in many of the protest cities. I’m one of the thousands of marchers that you’ve seen on TV.

Or have you?

My chapter of the Occupy Movement is based in Kansas City. Our numbers are substantial and growing quickly. Our marches stretch for blocks at a time, so much so that the Kansas City Police Department now sends out dozens of police cars to block traffic for us as we pass through intersections (thank you!).


Here’s the kicker: Our local news keeps airing reports that there are only 25 or so protesters participating in these events and that it seems to be dying out.  

Something smells a little fishy!

I understand that Missouri has a conservative lean and that “damn, dirty hippies aren’t welcome,” but it does seem like there’s something larger, more Orwellian going on here.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do:

Ignore whatever lame coverage your city may be providing and go to one of these marches.  Yes, you’ll find a few of the great unwashed there but you’ll also discover that the vast majority of the crowd is composed of people like you.  Teachers, social workers, union members, retirees, students and any other group you can think of  have all realized that the common thread uniting this movement is the obvious inequity that exists in our economic system.  It affects us all.  It affects you!

Let’s go change the world before it’s too late.  ‘Nuff said.