What Exxon Won’t Let the Media Show You

This is some aerial footage of the Mayflower, Arkansas oil spill that is currently NOT being reported by network media.

In my Kansas City market, less than 1 minute of reporting time went into describing to the people in our area the nature of the event, it’s extent and steps toward resolution. They did an even poorer job of explaining that the toxic mess left by this spill is actually Canadian Tar Sands, the same evil goo that oil companies want to ship through the Keystone XL pipeline once they get enough corrupt politicians on board to make it legal.

It may just be me, but what I see in the video looks quite a bit larger than the problem briefly described on our lame television news. Seriously, an abusive basketball coach is currently getting more air time for being a douchebag than this oil spill is for destroying an entire housing development’s worth, polluting a substantial adjacent waterway, killing local wildlife and rendering homes uninhabitable for many in the neighborhood.

This is how Big Capitalism works.

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Douchebags of the Day – Karen Handel and the Susan G. Komen Foundation

Karen Handel, another right-wing nut job out to destroy all that is good

Karen Handle, right-wing nut job

The Susan G. Komen Foundation, former heroes in the fight against breast cancer, has completely lost its mind.

That’s because Komen hired as its new vice president of public policy Karen Handel, an anti-choice former secretary of state and Republican candidate for governor in Georgia. What were they thinking?

During her failed primary bid, Handel vowed to cut off any state-allocated funds to Planned Parenthood and was one of Sarah Palin’s infamous “Mama Grizzly” endorsed candidates. Indeed, the bio on Handel’s Twitter account reads “Lifelong Conservative Republican formerly Georgia’s first Republican Secretary of State,” giving an indication of her priorities.

Now that she’s at the Komen Foundation, funding for Planned Parenthood has been stopped. Who couldn’t see that one coming?

But it doesn’t stop there. In another apparent nod to anti-choice activists, Komen has also quietly stopped funding potentially life-saving stem cell research, showing that its mission to find “a cure” takes a back seat to its desire to please social conservatives.

Why are these right-wing terrorists so obsessed with other women’s fetuses and uteruses yet seem to have no regard for the living people in which these two bodies reside?

Are they just stupid? Didn’t they get enough hugs as a kid? Are they self-loatheres  projecting their self-haterd onto others? Who knows.

I hope you are spurred to action. In addition to contacting your state or local Komen affiliate, here are some other things you can do:

  1. If you are on Twitter, find Komen’s celebrity spokespeople and supporters and tweet this information to them or ask them to withdraw their support and instead support a different organization. You can find celebrity supporters here and here.
  2. Support a breast cancer organization that puts women’s health ahead of politics. Organizations like Army of Women, Breast Cancer Action and the National Breast Cancer Foundation are good alternatives to the now-politicized Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
  3. Support Planned Parenthood AND other local women’s clinics in your area.

Komen’s decision was a major victory for the Radical Right and anti-choice activists, but a major defeat for low-income women and women’s health.

Do something about it. Specifically, divert all of your charitable donations to ANY women’s organization other than Komen. Let’s not feed the beast.

You can donate directly to Planned Parenthood by clicking here 

Top Reasons to Stop Smoking

Smokers kill everyone around them

  1. Cigarettes are killing you. That inconvenient fact has been well known for over 100 years and it will remain true for the next 100 years and beyond. Cigarettes will never be “less fatal.”
  2. Cigarettes are killing your friends, family and innocent bystanders. That’s right. Befriending a smoker is like volunteering to live in a toxic waste dump and then being surprised that you’re starting to feel a little funny. Remember that very first drag? The one that made you dizzy and sick to your stomach? That was your first taste of what it’s like to kill living cells in your body. Non-smokers get to enjoy that same “fun” whenever you come around.
  3. Smokers smell bad.Smokers produce an offensive odor that travels much farther than smokers think. The circle of stench ranges from 10 or 15 feet when you’re not smoking up to 100’s of yards if you have a death stick lit up. Here are some of the signs:
    1. People at restaurants getting up and moving away from you
    2. People walking in your direction suddenly take a wide arc around you
    3. People fanning the air as they pass by you
    4. Negative comments heard under people’s breath

The fact is, the stench emanating from a smoker is as appealing as the smell of a dirty jock strap swirling around in a clogged urinal at a public sports facility on game day… maybe worse. (To its credit, the jock strap won’t kill you).

  1. Other people hate you because you smoke. Smokers are a drag to be around since their toxic fumes can’t be avoided. Your friends may make nice while you’re around, but they all privately see you in the same light as someone who farts all of the time or who projectile vomits several times an hour or one who likes to urinate all over your floor when they visit. It doesn’t take long for the welcome to wear out.
  2. Cigarette smokers are the ultimate corporate tool. Greedy tobacco companies understand that the proper use of their product results in fewer customers as time goes by (they die). To offset this problem, tobacco companies spend lots of money persuading people that they will be “cooler” if they smoke. Their perfect customer is someone with low self-esteem or low social standing. That’s why teens, the uneducated and the poor are so overwhelmingly susceptible to smoking. (Interestingly, military recruiters target the same groups for the same reasons.) Who else but a tool would pay top dollar to become diseased, impoverished and ultimately sacrificed so that corporate stockholders can have a vacation home somewhere? Smokers are tools.