Best Graphic About SOPA on the Internet…So Far

The Hysterical History of Copyright InfringementAnne Rhodes has done an amazing job of artistically leveraging information compiled by Steve Blank by turning it into an informative, easy to understand infographic that reflects the various gyrations that the Moition Picture Industry has made over the years.

Click here to see this amazing work of art and click here to see the detailed information from which it’s derived.

P.S. Chris Dodd sure has become an uber-douchebag since leaving Congress to go cash in as a lobbyist.

What’s All the Fuss About SOPA and PIPA?

This video does a nice job of explaining the SOPA legislation that Congress is now trying to ram down our throats.  They’re portraying this act as a necessary tool to protect original content creators in the music and movie industries.

Think about that for a second.  When have right-wing politicians EVER wanted to protect those “Liberal Commies in Hollywood”?

It is far more likely that this legislation will be one more weapon against free speech, assembly and organization by the people.

Government has seen how, on a worldwide basis, ordinary citizens are standing up to their governments and that one of the essential elements to this rise is the ability for the common man to freely exchange information and to quickly get the word out in their organizational efforts.

DO NOT BE FOOLED.  Our government knows that they will be thrown out on their asses and they don’t want to give up their power and return it to its rightful owners, We the People.

Expect this to be just one of many assaults on our liberties and freedoms as the ship of state swirls down the toilet.


Call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  He is responsible for scheduling the vote on behalf of the companies who are pushing for it.  In the face of mass public opposition, Congressional supporters are jumping ship and our messages could kill the bill!

Phone: (202) 224-3542

Click here to post to Senator Reid’s Facebook page

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Tell him to remove SOPA and PIPA from the Senate’s schedule and to stand against Internet censorship.  Otherwise, your Internet may look like this.

Patriot Act vs. 1st Amendment

Our government is fucked up and out of control.  Every aspect of it reeks of Fascism and it has become clear to the tens of thousands of people that have taken to the streets in protest that NOW is the time to step up and let our grievances be known while there’s still a slim chance to make a difference.

That’s what’s going on in this first video from Berkley where students are staging a peaceful protest.  Peaceful, that is, until uniformed officers in riot gear break the peace.

It’s hard to overstate the degree to which our government is enforcing the whims of their corporate overlords.  The police have become, in practice, a private army and We the People are their enemy.

This second video is a continuation of that struggle and thankfully, the people win in the end (if you don’t count the cracked ribs, bruised kidneys and other signs of battery left on them by California’s finest tools of Fascism).

It’s comforting to know that moral high ground still has a small, flickering chance of winning.  For now.


Far from an isolated event, here’s some footage from UC Davis documenting a different battalion of government goons sharing their spin on democracy.