Best Economic Crisis Video on the Internet

Frontline Screenshot

The PBS show, Frontline, has produced an outstanding 54 minute video explanation of the current world economic crisis. It’s called “Ten Trillion and Counting.”

In the video, they lay out the historical factors that got us to this point and shed light on policies and institutions that have prevented addressing the problem sooner. They also make projections about the potential outcomes of staying the course and reveal the perils of making the sweeping changes that will be necessary to remain a viable country within the next 25 years.

This is a serious report that should be mandatory viewing.

Take an hour to bring yourself up to speed.  It will likely scare the hell out you and make you mad.  It will also give you the resolve to finally start making courageous choices while there’s still a chance to turn this around.

Take me to the PBS website to watch “Ten Trillion and Counting”

P.S. The video player looks like a graph depicting the national debt

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