Occupy Wall Street Editorial

I support the Occupy Wall Street movement. This movement is not only our right but our responsibility as citizens, which is something that has not been exercised effectively since I was a young man in the 1960’s. It should have started sooner.

The reason I’m writing this post is that something fishy is going on behind the scenes in many of the protest cities. I’m one of the thousands of marchers that you’ve seen on TV.

Or have you?

My chapter of the Occupy Movement is based in Kansas City. Our numbers are substantial and growing quickly. Our marches stretch for blocks at a time, so much so that the Kansas City Police Department now sends out dozens of police cars to block traffic for us as we pass through intersections (thank you!).


Here’s the kicker: Our local news keeps airing reports that there are only 25 or so protesters participating in these events and that it seems to be dying out.  

Something smells a little fishy!

I understand that Missouri has a conservative lean and that “damn, dirty hippies aren’t welcome,” but it does seem like there’s something larger, more Orwellian going on here.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do:

Ignore whatever lame coverage your city may be providing and go to one of these marches.  Yes, you’ll find a few of the great unwashed there but you’ll also discover that the vast majority of the crowd is composed of people like you.  Teachers, social workers, union members, retirees, students and any other group you can think of  have all realized that the common thread uniting this movement is the obvious inequity that exists in our economic system.  It affects us all.  It affects you!

Let’s go change the world before it’s too late.  ‘Nuff said.


Taking Back Our Power

I saw this on CBS’s Sunday Morning and was very impressed with the concept.  In short, Move Your Money is a grassroots movement that punishes large banks for their bad behavior by making it easy for consumers to locate and move their money to smaller, local banks who are more likely to serve them better.

I’m currently in the process of removing my money from Bank of America.  The service they deliver sucks, their fees are criminal and it seems to be getting worse.  I’m tired of standing in long lines only to receive mediocre to unacceptable service while some bigshot banking executive spends my money getting a pedicure for his dog.  Since they clearly don’t give a damn about regular guys like me, I think it’s time to pull the plug on our (bad) relationship.

If you’re interested in getting a peek at what options are available in your area, just plug your zip code into the form below.

Move Your Money

Join the Sea Change

Find community banks in your neighborhood now!

Enter a U.S. Zip Code.

If you want to find out more about this well-organized and powerful movement, visit MoveYourMoney.info.

Best Economic Crisis Video on the Internet

Frontline Screenshot

The PBS show, Frontline, has produced an outstanding 54 minute video explanation of the current world economic crisis. It’s called “Ten Trillion and Counting.”

In the video, they lay out the historical factors that got us to this point and shed light on policies and institutions that have prevented addressing the problem sooner. They also make projections about the potential outcomes of staying the course and reveal the perils of making the sweeping changes that will be necessary to remain a viable country within the next 25 years.

This is a serious report that should be mandatory viewing.

Take an hour to bring yourself up to speed.  It will likely scare the hell out you and make you mad.  It will also give you the resolve to finally start making courageous choices while there’s still a chance to turn this around.

Take me to the PBS website to watch “Ten Trillion and Counting”

P.S. The video player looks like a graph depicting the national debt