Here’s Why The Keystone XL Pipeline Is A Bad Idea

The Keystone XL Pipeline is one of many energy interests that keep plowing ahead with little regard for ultimate outcomes.

Tar sands, the raw product that the XL Pipeline will presumably handle with flawless precision, is the dirtiest form of energy that exists.  Worse than coal, its deployment will dwarf the amount of greenhouse gasses that currently exist.

Additionally, the pipe itself is scheduled to be built directly through the largest potable water supply in the United States.  The Ogallala aquifer spans several states and is key to the long term survival of both American agriculture and the American people themselves.

We can’t just go buy a new on once it’s gone. We can’t invent one either.

Even a small leak could destroy this aquifer and take us with it.  Considering that TransCanada’s current pipeline infrastructure had over 100 major leaks last year alone, I think it’s unreasonable to assume that they’ve suddenly worked out the bugs just because the right politicians have been paid the right amount of money to allow this disaster.

Check out this video to get a broad overview of the greenhouse situation and then decide for yourself what’s worth more. This is about bloated lifestyles vs. human extinction.

Too Much Government Regulation Is The Problem?

The Republican Party, some of the more obviously paid-for Democrats and many major corporations claim that industry regulations are inhibiting job growth and that these regulations are hurting our economy. They want government regulations to be dramatically reduced.

Some even call for the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency altogether. They claim that the free market will police itself.

Fortunately for us, there is already a working example of how non-regulation and pure market forces works.  It’s called China.

Take a look at this video and then ask yourself, “Is this really the kind of world that I want to live in?  Are corporate profits this valuable to me?”

China is what you get when profits are put before people.


Fun Fact:

The combined income of the top 400 wealthiest American families

is greater than 150 million average American families combined.

That means they’re getting paid

375,000 times more than you.

So, for example, if you earn $10 an hour, at the end of 1 hour you will have earned $10 while a top 400 family will have earned $3.75 million.

One of the Best Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of…Yet!


Disappointment with the political class is an open discussion these days. Both major parties are corporate-owned, their leaders little more than puppets and none of them represents any of us.

That reality has finally pushed average Americans into talking among ourselves. And talk we have.

Lots of genuine conversations about real issues have transpired and do you know what’s happening?  Some really good ideas are starting to surface.

One of those ideas has resulted in the formation of Americans Elect, an Internet era solution to the gridlock and general childishness that currently occupies political space.

Essentially, Americans Elect has created a new way to select our leaders.  It doesn’t rely on political parties or big-time donors and they don’t support any policies or candidates.

They, instead, provide the mechanism for voters to select a president based on issues  that the voters themselves define.  We select a president, not a party.

It’s how democracy is supposed to work and it’s here at last.

Check out this video and see what you think.  (You’ve got to love intelligent innovation).